LINK for 9.7 and the new 10.5 inch iPad Pro and Apple Pencil


the LINK is a simple and pretty little plastic piece printed in 3D that keep your Apple Pencil and your iPad Pro together.
Pick your color and slip it on where you want on the edge of your iPad Pro.

Important about 10’5 iPad : the new iPad bezel si so thin that the LINK will best placed at the short edge of the iPad (top or bottom).

3D printing ? Yes, we think that 3D printed objects can be more than just prototype and it’s why we embrace this technology and have fun with it: we find it beautiful and mostly perfectly functional. Few thing you need to know about 3D printing:

  • the piece is made of thin layer (0.03mm) of ABS plastic, the method is called “Fused deposition modeling”.
  • the piece obtained is about 80% as strong as a piece made by injection in a mold.
  • We keep the finish “raw” which means that you can see small 3d printing defects that are perfectly normal. Example in the picture.
  • Because the material is slightly permeable, light colors piece may slightly vary with time. This is normal but can be greatly reduced if you keep your ipad and your LINK in clean.
  • We designed the LINK and 3D printed it here in Geneva, Switzerland.

14 days satisfaction guarantee: You don’t like your LINK? Send it back to us and we will fully refund you, no question asked.

General important informations:
– Be sure to chose the right LINK for your iPad Pro. iPad Pro comes in two size (9.7 and 12.9) and have different thickness. The 9.7 LINK won’t fit an 12.9 iPad Pro. We are sur you know which iPad Pro you have but if any doubt just double check it on Apple website:
– The LINK is compatible with the official Apple Smart Cover but not with the Apple Silicone Case. We did not tested other Cover or Case.
– The LINK is not a protection, do not drop your iPad Pro or put excessive pressure on the LINK when it’s mounted and your iPad Pro.
– We disclaim all liability for damage due to misuse of our product.

in the box: 1x richtig LINK for iPad Pro

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Additional information

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 50 x 55 x 15 mm

Aquamarine, Black, Ghost white, Red, Spring green, Yellow